Hi, my name is Chriselda.

My pronouns are she/her

First and foremost, i am a human being. I have been a professional photographer for 14 years and feel so humbled to document your celebrations and milestones in this life.

More importantly, i am a mother. a daughter. a friend. and an advocate. My purpose in life is to leave this world better than i found it. To reach my last moments in this lifetime knowing that i gave everything i had to others and used all of my resources.

I emotionally invest in others and hope to capture and create memories for you that leave you feeling visible and secure. My goal is to create visual images that bring back real feelings of joy, love, and celebration.

On a lighter note, i am always resisting the urge to use kitchen scissors to cut my own bangs. I open my bag of chips upside down - that's where the most flavor is. I don't believe in dinosaurs but aliens are real. My voice does a really strange thing when i see dogs. Anything Frida Kahlo will instantly move me to tears. I eat ice cream with a fork and my toilet paper goes UNDER.

I look forward to the opportunity to laugh and create memories with you soon!


photo by Dawn Sparks