Traveling for photo sessions has always been fun for me. I have an absolute love for seeing new places. But I also really enjoy going to places that are special to the people being photographed. Whether that's their favorite quiet spot, vacation home, family land, or dream destination, I love watching them come alive in the spaces that bring them joy.

The Galvan family is originally from my hometown. I have known Caitlin since she was just a teenager. She quickly became very special to me and I look at her as if she were my own. Now, she and her husband have moved and created a beautiful life in New Mexico. Occasionally, I am able to sneak away and hide in the peace of the mountains, trees and air. But this time was special, as I was able to photograph their family.
Santi and Caitlin: what an honor to be there to photograph your milestones in life. I am infinitely proud of the way you do life and how greatly you love each other and your children. I am in awe of all that you have been able to accomplish. I know only good things await you as you both lean into your values, strengths and each other. Thank you for welcoming us into your world and celebrations.

Love you always.