We were at a wedding last summer and Hannah was out on the dance floor... no doubt killing it with her .... unique dance moves. It's my favorite thing to do; watch Hannah dance. Mostly because she's terrible at it. And she doesn't care. She is the poster child for "dance like nobody is watching."

Except that he was.
And he had this big grin across his face. I turn back to look at Hannah and then back at Casen...
"you love this girl don't you?"
and he said... "So so much!"
In that moment, I knew that Hannah had found the man she would build a future with.

I consider myself lucky to know you both... and even more lucky to be able to celebrate and witness your love for each other. I am oh.so.excited to see all that you do and accomplish together and look forward to more laughs and memories with you!
Thank you for having me photograph your engagement photos. It means the most to me.
My heart is full.

* Chriselda