"I don't care if 25 people show up... we aren't canceling again"

Over a year. over a year we've been messaging and texting (amanda and I). Now Albert... i've known him his entire life. He is my little cousin and is getting married this winter. We were supposed to meet earlier this spring... but just like everything else that got postponed, we found ourselves saying "because of COVID." After months of waiting and rescheduling and waiting again and .... rescheduling... Albert and Amanda have decided to just do the damn thing.

and I get to be there to celebrate them.... oh. and take some photos too.

oh you guysssss

thank you a million time, thank you. Albert, it has been a true delight to see you become the man that stood before me during this photoshoot. Amanda, thank you for feeling like home. For loving our Tata and for being so generous with your energy, affection, and thoughtfulness. I am excited to see you all next month. Much love.