Kurt and Candace were my first clients when i became a full time photographer. I photographed their engagement session and absolutely fell in love with both of them.

Since then, i have photographed anniversaries, gifts, maternity, family, graduations and all the celebrations in between. But the most important things is that this family has become mine. It's not anything i can verbally explain. I can go months at a time without seeing them but when we meet again, not a day has gone by. I know that if i were to ever find myself lost, that i could turn to any of them for guidance and to light the way back.

Now... the first photo here was taken over 13 years ago. yes. THIRTEEN.

And the second one (on the right) was taken just a few months ago.

My next post will feature, at length and in detail, what Candace's beauty regime is because... sister doesn't age.

i love these snuggly little moments.

Tell me how you really feel about having your photo taken, Kashtyn.
Definitely her father's daughter!

a word of thanks

a special thank you to this family. that has literally been through every journey in my life. whether we are connected through experience and heartache or because the universe knew that one of us would need the other at some or all points of life, i am graciously thankful that you are here. that i get to know you. celebrate you. laugh with you. cry with you. think with you. you have loved me at every stage. you have inspired me. you are the lighthouse. and i appreciate it.