"I have some bad news..."

I have been photographing Lea and her son, Carter for a few years. We meet every fall to keep a tradition of family photos. I look forward to this session each year.

This year was a little different because Lea invited her boyfriend, Craig, to the photoshoot. We had a great time... yada yada took great pics and then ... Craig sends me a message a couple of days later telling me he wants to propose to Lea and asks me to be there to photograph it. I am more-than-happy to be there for this!

But how are we going to get Leah to the Canyon for a second round of photos without being suspicious?? Here... hold my, drink, I got this....

"I'll just lie to her and tell her the second half of the photos didn't come out. The card was corrupt. We need to take pics again"

This was THE most heartbreaking thing to have to say to her because I knew how much these photos mean to her. But it was also the only thing I knew that would FOR SURE get her to come out for more photos. (Side note: If I could relive this moment, I'd tell Craig to come up with his own stinkin' excuse)

But Lea was so so so very sweet and agreed to meet me again for a "redo"

Round one:

The day of our second session, Lea is ready to cancel and make do with just half a gallery of photos. Craig managed to talk her into it. And thank goodness... because now they are starting a new journey in life... and I don't have to keep lying.

Craig and Lea... I love this. I love the way Craig looks at you when you're just talking about things that excite you. I love that you both speak so lovingly toward each other and your future together. I love hearing about your plans as a couple and as a family. I would do it all over again.
I'm just super honored to have been a witness to these memories and even more honored to share them with you!

-Chriselda (who will never lie to you again)