Modern Day Miracles

Emily and Julien have waited a long time to celebrate this journey. Moments of heartbreak and uncertainty definitely presented themselves along the way. But on this day, the day we met to take maternity photos, both were just over joyed and excited to celebrate the soon arrival of their baby girl.

I could go on and on about Emily and how long I have known her and the many times I have been blessed with her spirit and energy. But instead... I come here, hat in hand, to tell you that nothing I can say or do or photograph will bring justice to the beauty she projects and embodies. Nor can I tell you how heartwarming it is to see her partner, Julien, beaming from the sidelines - smitten by his wife and mother of his children.

I am mostly just here to show you my favorite images from our time together and tell you that I am absolutely honored to capture these memories for all of them.


Emily was diagnosed a few years ago with fibromyalgia; a medical conditioned characterized by chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure. (She is also diagnosed with streptococcal arthritis, leaky heart valve, and degenerative disc disease) During her pregnancy, Emily does not take her medication and uses a wheelchair at times as a mobility aide. When we were discussing whether or not to include the chair in the photos, I was pleased when Emily decided that the use of the chair was important to document and honor as a part of her journey through pregnancy and becoming a family.

my sincere gratitude

thank you. thank you for your warmth. your kindness. your peaceful presence. thank you for your vulnerability and truth. thank you for sharing your journey with me. for your tender hugs. thank you for the laughter and joy that you brought to my day. just thank you. thank you for being who you are. unapologetically thriving in this life and for showing up as yourselves in every way. it is such an honor to know you. to watch you in this new role as a mother. to have so many fond memories of you throughout the years. and to see you overflow with goodness and light. My life is better because I know you. so thank you... both.

  • chriselda