You might scroll through this post and see a beautiful woman, a dress, her baby belly, the canyon... but when I look at these photos... When I look at these photos, I see a beautiful human being that has held space for life within her body. I see a woman looking down and touching her belly and being filled with hope for the future, for her child, and for life.

Not everyone loves having maternity photos taken. And I just might have had to persuade Rebekah into being photographed. But my hope is that each time you look back at these photos, you can feel the range of emotions that comes with being a parent. With providing life and love for this little one and for putting that out into the world for the rest of us.

it is no secret that the journey through pregnancy is one of my most favorite things to photograph. I love the story. I love the intuition. I love the emotion. I love that I'm documenting life through photos. I am always so deeply honored to be chosen to tell this story for you.

the journey

Rebekah... it has been nothing but joy and light to know you the last few years. Each time we have met for photos, for workouts, for dinner, or just because... you have brought so much goodness into my life. Each message breathes so much light into my world. You are a complete treasure and I am so so soooo very glad that we are friends. I am so excited to see you in this new capacity of life. I am excited to see this little one thrive and experience life through the lens of joy and authenticity that you give. You are an outstanding human being with so much goodness to give to your little guy. This world will be a better place because of your beautiful heart.