I feel very fortunate to be invited and welcomed into love stories. It's an honor to be able to spend my time searching for little flecks of love during a photo session. With Makenna and Erika, it was easy. organic. tender and fluid. It was an afternoon spent together, the three of us, and all I had to do was pay attention. The love is there. And it's beautiful
I've known Makenna for most of her life. The amount of pride that I feel watching her as she evolves into the woman she is today is unreal. But not a surprise. Makenna has always being incredibly intuitive, true to her soul, and unapologetically firm in the values she stands for. To see Makenna and Erika share a space where they have growth, impact, and absolute care for one another and those around them... brings my heart so much rest. I love that partnerships like this exist. They really do shine a light into this world.

Thank you for sharing your laughter, love, and light with me. I hold it very near and dear to my heart.