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This year, let's commit to being mindful of the small businesses that boost our local economy. COVID has forced many to close their doors. Before you add your holiday gifts to your BIG BOX online order, scroll through this post for local small businesses you can support. This list is a collective of services, products, and experiences. My hope is that you will find intentional and creative gifts for your loved ones this year.

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“if you're going to buy president Obama's new book, please buy it from an independent bookstore. A book like that keeps the light on for many stores!”

Harriett's Book Store

This year I have done more reading than I have in a really long time. In an effort to think big and shop small, I found Harriett's Book Store and have purchased several books from them. My newest addition is President Obama's, "A Promised Land."

For the book lover on your list, visit their website!


Anti-Racism Daily Newsletter

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”
- Angela Y. Davis

We MUST NOT forget that there is still abundant work to do to end racism. One of the most powerful tools you can find is this daily newsletter. It's a five minute read delivered to your email each day. It is packed full of resources and educational materials for us to better equip ourselves in the fight against racism.

Consider making a donation to the contributors who work tirelessly on this!

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Charities to Donate To

CMN - Children's Miracle Network of Amarillo.... ALL FUNDS STAY LOCAL!

High Plains Food Bank - Help end the fight against hunger

Panhandle Angels - Support families fighting childhood cancer or life threatening blood disorders

PARC - Promotes a sense of self worth and helps the homeless become aware of life's possibilities

Snack Pack for Kids - end weekend hunger in our community

Pacific Whale Foundation - After visiting Hawaii, protection of our marine life and coral reefs became increasingly important to me


I firmly believe in community over competition! Here are local photographers that I have worked with and have personal experience with! Consider purchasing a session for your friend or family or coworker. We all know that photographs make amazing gifts!

and there you have it!

This list was a labor of love but something that I really believe in. I hope that you will take time to consider the small businesses that you have called up on donate to your auctions, fundraisers, events, sports teams. Now is the time to answer the call. Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart.... they will all survive the pandemic. This year... be the reason that small business owners can keep their doors open and their home lives thriving.