Honestly... I haven't even gotten around to sharing Kayla and Jas's wedding day from two years ago. They're already college degrees, cross-state relocation, and even a baby in and I'm still trying to figure out which of their wedding photos are my favorites. Life sure does happen quickly.

And I guess that's even more proven by the fact that it seems like just yesterday, I was watching Kayla perform in a musical; a shy, sweet, and teenage little girl. And now... now she's a mom.

I still can't believe it

I'm in awe of all you have accomplished. the way you lead with love and truth. It's exciting and overwhelming to highlight your journey through this life. Thank you to the both of you for sharing your memories with me. for extending the best of yourselves to me and mine. and for always welcoming me with love and light during our photoshoots. so so so incredibly honored to be your friend... and your photographer